Run Come Celebrate: Their Greatest Reggae Hits (Heartbeat, 1993)

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I feel a bit conflicted when listening to this album.  I mean, with timeless classics like "Love Is Not a Gamble," "Queen Majesty," "It's You I Love," and "Traveling Man," sung by lead singers like Slim Smith and Pat Kelly and backed up by musicians like Lyn Taitt and The Jets, Tommy McCook and the Supersonics, The Baba Brooks Band, and The Duke Reid Allstars, how could you go wrong?  Well, I'll tell you: beyond the 6 or so great tracks -- including "I'm in the Mood" and "I'm in Love" -- the rest of this greatest hits set is pretty bland.  It may very well be a case of the great songs being so great that everything else pales in comparison, and if so, so be it.  You certainly can't apologize for songs being too good.  Perhaps less than 16 tracks wouldn't make Run Come Celebrate sound like it has so much filler.  Still, any rock steady and ska fan -- hell, any reggae fan -- should know the best of The Techniques.

Track Listing
1. Love Is Not a Gamble
2. Queen Majesty
3. I'm in the Mood
4. It's You I Love
5. Festival '68
6. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)
7. My Girl
8. Traveling Man
9. Out of Many
10. Heart of Man
11. I Wish It Would Rain
12. Bless You
13. Ol' Man River
14. I'm in Love
15. Little Did You Know
16. My Whole Life Depends on You

Run Come Celebrate
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